Signature detection sceanrio

i have a pdf … i want to detect the hand written signature is available or not …
and also … i dont know how many pages that contain in pdf … bot has to loop every page and check the signature is available or not … if it is avilable then i have to procceed futher or else throwing business exception

can u please create on workflow
NOTES : i have a seperate comapny activity to detect the signature

Hi @Nikhil_Katta

Have you tried using the Extract PDF Range activity?

You can try the following steps -

    1. Use 'Get Pdf Page Count' activity to get the total number of pages in the file 
    2.Build a while Loop with condition index not exceeding the total pagecount.
    2. Add the Extract Pdf Range activity, extracting a single page through indexing
    3. Use your custom actvity to check if the signature exist on the current page 
        exatrcted with the pdf activity
    4. If signature available, break the loop and continue with further activities.
    5. else throw Exception.

Hope this helps.


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