Sign In Issue

I tried logging in this morning, and ran into an issue where my only option is to Sign Up. I click Sign-Up, and then the window closes and nothing happens. The sign-up url cannot be edited in anyway, and I can’t even see what all of it is. See the picture below:


Did you try with mor eoptions on the left?


Yes, it gives me two options, neither of which is a sign-in.

@Abram_Miller what options you are getting

Hi @Abram_Miller ,

Just a couple more questions to help us investigate this:

  • what version are you using?
  • are you able to copy the URL from sign up? and would you be able to make any changes to the URL?
  • when clicking on sign up, do you see any pop up / new tabs in the browser prompting to sign in to cloud?


  1. UiPath 22.12.0-beta.11471
  2. I am unable to copy anything
  3. Noting pops up or takes me anywhere.
  4. I have completed a fresh install of the program and received this Error code:
  5. Illegal Operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion.
  • I downloaded and signed up for the community edition, and am thus confused how this is possible. Isn’t the community version free to users who are learning and utilizing the program?


@Abram_Miller, are you logged into cloud when you are attempting to sign in? Alternatively, are you able to login using the path linked there? Would you be able to share with us a video on how this behaves?