Unable to sign in using existing id

I am not able to sign in UiPath studio using my existing id. kindly help

Hi @Sumi_Banerjee1

Welcome to UiPath community

If possible share some screenshot

Check out the docs


(post deleted by author)

(post deleted by author)

Click on the Sign in button. what is the issue @Sumi_Banerjee1

I tried clicking on More options - Standalone options - community offline

Hi @Sumi_Banerjee1

Are you able to open cloud.uipath.com in your default web browser?

Yes @loginerror

Hi Team,
I recently activated UIpath studio again and all my previous projects are not available. All i see is the new set up as a fresher…none of them are now there.
Anything i can do to get back to the previous UiPath studio as it contained data

Hi @Sumi_Banerjee1

What data do you refer to? If it is about the processes published locally to Assistant, you should be able to retrieve those by following our documentation.