Showing progress of Attended Robots

I am looking to create a custom library that matches this sort of activity:

This is mainly for self led learning, I am unsure as to whether this counts as open source information or not so feel free to let me know, however these components download as nupkg so unable to see how the component functions, can anyone point me in the right direction to create my own?

nupkg is basically a .zip file with some extra metadata. You can just open it up with whatever file exporer you’d normally use for a .zip file. You can unzip it if you wish to extract out specific files instead of just viewing the contents

I see, it’s just it only seems to display the componenets and not the code behind it!
Edit: it only has a NUSPEC file inside if I extract it and I’m unaware how to utilise it.
Basically I want the OG XAML to see how it functions!

I apologize, I didn’t actually download the file in question. If it is only showing a .nuspec then it was a custom activity created in visual studio (likely in C#). You’ll have to use visual studio to view the code, it can’t be viewed within uipath studio. There is likely 1 or more .dll files you can open with visual studio

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That’s the one, thanks bud!

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