Installation of packages

How to install attended robot status activity?
uipathteam.attendedrobotstatus.activites package? How to install it.I need this package for transaction progress.

Hi @anjani_priya ,
You try this steps

hope it help

Its not compatible


UiPathTeam.AttendedRobotStatus.Activities package is not compatible with the latest version of UiPath Studio. The package was last updated in 2018 and is not compatible with the 2023 release of UiPath Studio.

So you will need to modify your activity package to support Windows project

Have a view on this thread for that steps to do it

Cheers @anjani_priya

Hi @anjani_priya ,
If your custom activities package is made by Visual Studio the following helps you.

Or, it might be good to recreate it using Activity Creator 4.0.
If your activities package is made by Library feature of UiPath Studio, can you try to open your library project in UiPath Studio 22.10, then convert it to Windows project using conversation tool

In 5th step there is custom activities package. where is custom activities?

I cant understand the steps