Should the screenshots be present in the package if I am using Image based activities?

If I am using Click Image or Image exists in my code, should the images be present in the .screenshots of the project folder ? What happens if I don’t include them ? How does image based activities work when there are no selectors at all

you will need t have an image target for those activities, you can store them anywhere you like and load them from disk and using image variable afterwards, selectors for those are to fine select an area of your application to be searched, if not, it will be searched in all screen and be slower…

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Thank you @bcorrea. So, if I am maintaining various versions of my code in a repository, I need to ensure that .screenshots go with it. I was thinking, if not needed to flood the repository with hundreds of .screenshots, I could eliminate them from getting uploaded. I think I got the answer that I need those screenshots. Correct me if I my understanding is wrong.

the default image path will be that folder, but you can always save the images to another place manually every time you use those…

Got it. But, any folder that contains images needs to go to repository otherwise the activity cannot find it if I am using the package without those images folder. Thanks again @bcorrea

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