Unable to share project with peers in team

Hi All,

One of my teammate created in studiox projects with screen capture and selectors. when we try to send the project file along with screen shots the images in projects are missing. Is there a way we can send the project with images and same is available when transfered.


That “Image not available” message on the selector is not an error nor a warning.

It is just that those are informative screenshots captured at the time of developing that particular selector and are available in the .screenshot folder of the original project file(in the original developer’s machine).

You can run the workflow without those images, that are just informative screenshots, doesn’t affect the workflow execution.

Any error you will get after sharing will be related to the selector mostly but that is nothing to do with this informative screenshots.

Like @rahulsharma mentioned - all images are in the folder .screenshots.
If this view is very important for you that you have to copy this folder to your project :slight_smile: