Should not allow to create Variable and Argument with same name

Should not allow to create Variable and Argument with same name.It would be very difficult to debug for this issue and backtrack

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usually we create arguments with their direction in front like in_ArgumentName , out_ArgumentName which will help us to know this is arguments
while the variables are mentioned simply with their variable type like str_variablename, int_variablename
or if we are assigning the argument to a variable then we need to mention like this for exzample
out_TransactionId is the argument
then its corresponding variable name is just TransactionId i.e., without argument direction in front

simple isn’t it. This will help us to debug easily
hope this would help you
Cheers @shruthi_bm

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No. This is not helpful. What you are suggesting is best practices, which is helpful for readability and maintainability. But this issue is a bug. UiPath Studio is silent about it and then lets you suffer the consequences. It should either not allow it to be created like that in the first place. Period.

With Workflow Analyzer now we can better check:

Again, this is not helpful. Syntax is not about conventions or best practices. I am not saying that I will not follow best practices, but from a compiler perspective, syntax errors are different. Anyone who thinks following best practices will solve this issue, is missing the point. It will only bypass the issue. And to your point, I don’t name arguments with in_, io_ or out_ prefixes for reusable components. I name them the same way I would variables. But in the case of arguments for workflows files that I would use with Invoke command, the in_, out_ and io_ prefixes apply there.

The ones who wrote UiPath Studio would understand what I am saying. Anyone from UiPath, listening please?

we do agree to your point. But you already have the option to request it formally here:

we agree as mentioned. But we also do know that Rome was not built in one day. And if it is not possible to get everything in 1 second things are prioritized. With Workflow Analyzer we got an option to detect issues in advance. And some day it will be implemented and will be available.

Thanks for your patience

True. Rome was not built in a day, but imagine if the Rome architect defended an incomplete structure as his design instead of saying “We are not done yet.” And to your point, I did report it as a bug to UiPath. UiPath responded saying that the workflow analyzer rules is how you do it. It is like saying: “Get used to it.” :roll_eyes: