Ship Date format

Can somehelp how can I get the correct ship date format to MM/dd/yyyy. I am adding the date from an excel file which has the correct format but in the Queue its not adding in the correct way. I changed the string variable type to object, generic value but doesn’t seem to work. I get the error (Get Row Item: 44858 is not a valid value for DateTime.)

HI @fali1

Before adding the data into the queue You can use Format cell activity to format the Date column in the excel file.

Check out the tutorial



I guess while reading from excel you are reading in rawvalue option…

Check in read range options and change to display value so that the data format is as needed


We would recommend to handle / harmonize the date value before adding the QueueItem / populating the Specific Content

In the case for handling this numerical value you can do:

So for robusten it up you can think about cascading the datevalues

  • cell formating
  • value format type check
  • handling dateTime Strings
  • handling OADate numbers