SharePoint Custom Activities Package

This Sharepoint package from UiPathTeam can’t be ported to newer versions of Studio.
Error: “No compatible version with projects”

I’m trying to port my projects to Cloud.
Will there be a upgraded version?


Hi @Ferdinand,

The latest version of the UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities package is version 1.8.0, which is compatible with Studio 2019.4 and newer. If you are using a version of Studio that is newer than 2019.4 and you are still getting the “No compatible version with projects” error when trying to install the package, it is possible that the package may not be compatible with your specific version of Studio.

Do you have a link to the package?

If this is it, it still says 1.7.0:

In Package management for an old project it also says the latest version is 1.7.0.
In Package management for a converted project it says “No compatible version with Windows projects”.

My package sources are:

Do you have a link??
Can’t find a version 1.8.0.

Hi @Ferdinand,

If you are unable to find version 1.8.0 of the UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities package, it’s possible that the package may have been removed or the version number may have been changed.

You can try checking for the latest version of the package in the official UiPath Marketplace, or try using a different version of the package that is compatible with your version of Studio.

Then there is no solution.

Latest package: