Setup UIAutomationNext in Studio

Hello all,
I would like to get back UIAutomationNext activities in Studio…

How can I set up to get activities of the UIAutomationNext in Studio?

Currently it is updated to Studio version 2020.10.2-beta.4, and I cannot find the UI AutomationNext actitivies before the update.

Starting with v2020.10, the UIAutomationNext package has been deprecated and the existing UIAutomation package has been expanded to include all the modern features previously available in UiAutomationNext.

I expect UIAutomation.Activities contains Next activities.

However, for example, search Type in Activities,
there is Type Into in UIAutomation, which does not have functions of “Target” and “Anchor”.

Thank you for your support,

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1 - Go to the projects tab

2 - Click on project settings

3 - Set the modern design experience to yes

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Hi @Daniel_Torres,

Thank you for your advice!
I did set it up as you instructed.
And I see UI Automation NEXT in Dependencies.
After restarting UiPath and when I open the Main.xaml, there is an error.

Exception has been thrown by the target of an innovation.

If you know how to solve the error, please advise me.

Many thanks


Can you try the following steps?

  1. Remove UiAuotomation.Next Activities 20.6.0-preview
  2. Set Modern experience true in project settings or Check “Show Modern” of Filter in Activities panel.



Thank you for your prompt response, @Yoichi.
I think I can use the activities in UIAutomationNext… unfortunately I have to recreate some part, but it is great to have those functions again in Studio :slight_smile:


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