My previous code is not running in the new machine. I am currently using this in the latest release of UiPath 22.10.3 - NU1101: Unable to find package UiPath.UiAutomationNext.Activities

I can’t able to solve this dependency error in Automation activities. Please find the Error in the Output panel attached with the screenshot.

@Asfaque Go to manage packages and update uiautomation package

This is not I want, Since I have to move this code to production environment and the code is built using that version of the package, I want this code to work.
If I update the automation activities package, it will affect the other parts of the code pertaining to that activities.

Hi @Asfaque

as a work around you can copy the packages from your dev environment to prod so that the packages would be found

Or you have to recreate the specific activities with latest activities by removing the old ones


  • Starting with v2020.10, the UIAutomationNext package has been deprecated and the existing UIAutomation package has been expanded to include all the modern features previously available in UiAutomationNext. You are also able to install the unified UIAutomation activities package even on Studio versions 2020.4.1 and lower. This displays all the classic and modern activities in the activities pane. Read more about the Modern Design Experience.


In conclusion, you need to use only the UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities and double check if you have some broken workflows.

If yes, fix them and publish the new version of the process in Orchestrator.


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