ReFramework: When was SetTransactionStatus.xaml updated in studio version?


I am preparing myself for the UiArdv1.0 , says here the version I need to study is 2021.10 im quite confused since I saw a version of ReFramework where the SetTransactionStatus is placed in the finally block.

However, in today’s current version, the SetTransactionStatus is now placed in the Try block.

I also can’t see documentation with a version of ReFramework and each of its workflows.

If somebody can shed some light or help that would be great. Thank you!


From release 2021.10 the set transaction xaml has been moved from Finally state to Try and catches block separately for each try and catch blocks of process.xaml.

Also in the latest one condition to stop the bot for consecutive exceptions is added

Retry around activities like get and set transactionitem activities is added

Remaining everything remains same across.

There is no functionality different other than the consecutive system exceptions addition

Edit : version


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Hello would just like to clarify, is 2010.10 not a typo?

version of this is in 20.10 this was when the settransactionstatus is still in the finally block.



Yes 21.10 my bad


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