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Could someone help me on how I can set up this flow?

I have a folder on OneDrive containing Excel files (There are 88 items). I need the robot to open this folder, and then also open all the Excel files contained in it. After that, it will need to extract the information from the first sheet and import it into another base table.

How do I structure the logic and create repeating flows in this case?

Using OneDrive and Excel.

And also in cases where that folder in OneDrive is being fed with new files in Excel.

I really appreciate anyone who can help me.


If you are using office 365 then you can use for each file activity in office 365 scope

Or if you want to use one drivr which is synced to local and directly as path…then use for each file in folder

And inside the loop perform read range for excel…

Then use merge datatable… to merge the read data into a common daTATABLE…make sure in the first loop to clone the input dt to give a structure to the comman datatavle where the data is stored…

For that use if condition with index=0 where index is the loop count property in the for loop…

Inside then condition use commondt = dt.clone

Hope this helps


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Hi @Joyce_Santana
Use office 365.activities for read the excel data. Find the screenshot in below


Reference Link:

Kaviyarasu N

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Thank you for your help @Anil_G :smiley:

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