Office365 activities OneDrive

We are using the The Microsoft Office 365 Files activities provide methods to search for files, in particular " Find Files and Folders)
The Robot is connecting to Windows 10 with Console session (Login to console is enabled)
it goes searching to the files in OneDrive, but sometimes cannot find the files even they are available online, due to sometime the synchronisation in OneDrive is not completed.

Are there any best practices to use OneDrive? it is possible to use “download item” before locally then working. Or even map the site as a driver in the machine.

is it possible related to the way the user is connecting to the machine (console vs. RDP)

if anyone has experience using OneDrive with UiPath and share it with me.


Hello i am having the same issue. Did you found a solution for this?

Hi @Luis_Martirena Find Files and Folders activity just makes a call to Search Items Graph API Search for files - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn

Hi I am having this issue as well. For some reason I can’t save to my computer it always saves to onedrive. I’d be interested to know if anyone else that had this problem was able to fix and/or if uipath can be used with onedrive or if you must have the application physically on your computer.