Setting filter in Save Attachments

Using the ‘Save Attachments’ activity, I want to be able to only save files that have PDF, JPG/JPEG, or DOC extensions.

Plus how do I automatically ignore the inline attachments?

What should I need to put in the Filter options?

Ok - I got the first bit, i.e. the filter of specific file extensions.

I just used this in the filter: “.*(xls|pdf|jpg|jpeg|doc)” (REF:

I now just looking for a filter or something that will say ignore the inline attachments.


Can you try to use Modern mail activities as the following, for example?


Hi @Yoichi thanks for that. I am not using that activity in the bot I am developing. I use the other Save attachments activity.


Which version of UiPath.Mail activites package do you use?

There is Exclude Inline Attachments property of SaveAttachments activity in Mail package 1.15.1 or higher. If possible, can you update it to 1.15.1 or higher?



oh yeah - there it is just right under my nose! thanks for pointing that out @Yoichi. Appreciate the help.

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