Setting Document Sensitivity in Excel File

Need help in setting the sensitivity setting for an excel document.

Hi @redanime94

  1. Use the “Excel Application Scope” activity to indicate the Excel file you want to work with.
  2. Inside the scope, use the “Write Cell” activity to write a value to a specific cell in the Excel file. This will allow you to modify the document and set the sensitivity setting.
  3. In the “Write Cell” activity, provide the cell reference (e.g., “A1”) and the desired value that represents the sensitivity setting.
  4. Save and close the Excel file using the “Excel Application Scope” activity


I am looking at both the Modern and Classic Write Cell but couldn’t seem to find anything that says set sensitivity. Where can I find this please? I am using the Write Range Workbook instead to output the whole DT in the spreadsheet.

Still seeking solution for this…

I face the same issue and need to have a solution too …