Labelling sensitivity on a new Excel

hello all, if want to open the Excel and set sensitivity label, how do i do so? at the moment, i am able to open the empty Excel and to set sensitivity, i suppose i need to use Click activity.

but when i run the bot, there is an error, showing possible reasons for error are either the file is corrupt or file already used by another process/ don’t have permission to open the file.

how do i resolve this error? thanks.


you can try using vba…here is a starter help

You can as well record your steps and then modify the macro as you need



this current code is able to get the bot to open an empty Excel. it runs into error as immediately after the excel is opened, it prompts the sensitivity label. so if i am to record the steps for the sensitivity part, do i include it below “Write range” within the Do loop or outside the Do?



You mean inside excel application scope you are getting wome pop up and the bot is stuck?

If ao you need to use parallel activity and then use click activities to handle the pop ups and open the excel