Set transaction status - Custom options for status

Currently the status can be Failed and Successful. Some partners suggests to have custom statuses in order to process an item from a certain point in your process.
Eg. We have a queue item with Status{ failed, stts1, stts2, successful }. For some reasons the execution failed during stts2 the item remain with stts1 and then the item is processed by another robot from that point. If you have a well designed process the productivity will be higher rather than processing a failed item from the beginning.

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Wouldn’t the Progress field cover this?

Where I can find that field ?

Its one of planned features, so @badita can confirm.

Confirmed. It will be out in 2017.1


I just would like to ask you how robot can take such transaction, as it is In progress status and robot takes transactions with new status. Shoult it wait 24 hours to became Abandoned and then retry manually?

Thank you in advance.