Set cultureInfo for an entire project


Is there a way to set the culture info for an entire project?
I have to work with a lot of numbers, dates etc and the conversion of those are becoming a pain…
when calculating I first have to convert them to decimal and then convert them again to a string for searching and then again to a decimal for the next step… this is so contra productive…

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This is already a big help. But is there a way I can set it for the entire project?

apparently if you just add this to the start of the project it is for the entire project…
so just add an assign activity to the start of your main workflow

new CultureInfo(“nl-BE”)

(don’t forget to add system.globalization in your imports)


issue I noticed:

if the CultureInfo is changed for the project
the activity find element is broken
(accuracy 0.8 is no longer possible)
workarround use the config.xlsx (Constants -> AccuracyMedium -> 0.8)