Session timeout while using UI path

We have a created a bot from uipath for a application and the application is having the idle session timeout of 30minutes.when bot is working on tasks after 30 min. session is expiring from the application.

system is considering it as idle time when bot executing tasks?
any solution to avoid it?

Hi @Aravind_Royal

We will need more details to nail the issue. Normally actions of UiPath are treated by the system as if it was a user that is doing them. Therefore, an attended robot should not dim the monitor due to inactivity as the mouse is being moved around/keys are being pressed on the keyboard.

However, I met an Oracle app that would log me out periodically in seemingly random pattern. In your case, however, it seems that it is always 30 minutes.

If you could provide some details about the application and the actions that you are doing within it, it would help.

It is a third party application which is used to upload the document(like ECM). We have logged into the application and created bot to select the files and data to upload. Bot is working fine but application is getting session log out after 30 min. If we are doing manually means there is no session timeout as suspecting that it is treating as idle time when bot is working.


We are facing similar issue. have you found any solution or work around?


I’m curious what input method is being used for the type and click activities, are they being simulated? It sounds like in @Aravind_Royal’s use case it is the application that considers the user to be idle and not the windows session. I would imagine that in most cases the default input method should prevent it from going idle as the application should “think” a user is interacting with it but I could be wrong. Now I’m interested in finding out the answer too…

The issue we are facing is, though bot entering the data into Oracle Forms, it is thinking its idle and after 30 min of time, the forms are getting inactive(usual time for oracle forms to get inactive is 30 min.). Though bot entering the data and saving the records, it is considering as idle and becoming inactive after 30 min.

We are using Type into, Click, and send hotkey activities (keyboard shortcuts) in default method(neither Send window message nor simulate type. please find attached screen shot.

i have the same problem…have you found a solution?

Hello Everyone, I am facing the same issue.
For me, the Windows Server itself is throwing an Idle Timeout message after 15 minutes.
Did anyone got the solution?