Servicenow ticket creation using HTTP request

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Trying to create a ticket on service now using this HTTP request activity.But it’s throwing some error in body part and also.i could not able to attach my files.need help from your side.

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Can you let me know why you are using HTML as the body of the request? Usually, we need to send a JSON or XML. Ofcourse we can send HTML, but can you confirm whether it is according to the services written to the web application?

I’ve followed this video.So they make it like this.

And main thing how to send a attachment through this activity.please give me some crystal clear steps.

Please post the string which you are sending through the request @ganesh_rajan

And we have attachments property available in the properties pane so that we can attach the files directly to the application

Here you can able to see the exact error after adding attaching file.

As per the screenshot, the services only accept JSON, XML or text body, but not the files it seems.

I don’t know about service now. so i’m not sure about this


i m not sure this is the issue
may be this could give you some idea on it

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Hello, @ganesh_rajan I am also facing the same problem Could you please help me with this.
Exception while reading request.

Here you have 2 videos about Row REST API commands to ServiceNow and another video for uploading files:

Cristian Negulescu