UiPath + ServiceNow Attachment API

Hi ,

I am trying to attach an Image to Incident created in ServiceNow. I am using the HTTP Request activity for achieving this. However it is not working. I am getting the status as ‘0’ everytime i run this.

If anyone worked on this Please guide me.

Hello Sai,

I haven’t tried attaching an image to an INC in ServiceNow. But, here are my few suggestions to help you or someone in the future:

  1. Generally, the attachments to an HTTP request to the server using HTTP Request activity is added in the Attachment section as you might be knowing and mentioned in the documentation: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/http-client#section-the-request-builder-tab. Please compare if all the parameters mentioned in the activity are valid against the ServiceNow API documentation.
  2. To isolate the issue, Please check with other tools like Postman or a .NET code if the request is successful.

If the issue still persists, the below details could help the people who are trying to help you out or someone with a similar issue to consider this post:

  1. Screenshot(s) of the implementation of the HTTP Request activity (of course, Please hide all your client sensitive data)

  2. Version of UiPath.Web.Activities. Does the issue persist even with any other higher\lower version of the package?

  3. The outcome of testing in other tools?

  4. Detailed error message (if any?). Might be the output of Result tab

Other options:



Thanks for the References Dominic.I will update more details related to the issue

In this movie you can see how to upload a file to service now with Raw REST API commands:

here on this one, you see how I do this from the activity:

Cristian Negulescu