Sequence issue

Hi Team,

I have many sequences in my project out of which one sequence sometimes work and sometimes does not. What may be the possible reason ? How I should resolve the issue ?Please help


Could you please run the process in debug mode and check what is the exact error.

If you are getting any error then show me. will help you better in this.

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I have 6 sequence , each sequence having one functionality. Initially sequence 2 was not working, even BOT was not going inside that sequence hence functionality was not executing.
Now I run the process in debug mode and it seems working . why such happening ? what changes needs to be done in order to work properly


Hi @Shirish

As you say that one sequence work sometimes and does not sometimes,
so there should be no issue with workflow or the activities been used, may be the process involved might be dynamic that makes the sequence to work sometimes, sometimes not

So we need to First identifiy where the error occurs, for that we can go for debug mode and find at which activity in that particular sequence makes it fail at some point of time, but while doing so with debug mode, if we are not facing any problem, :stuck_out_tongue: we cannot do it again and again until we reproduce the issue…

So we can better make it robust to continue with the process at any point of time, whether that particular works or not…and this can be done placing that sequence in TRY CATCH block activity…keep that sequence in try block and mention the exception as system.exception in the catch block
this would make sure that the process wont get hindered and it would continue even if that sequence fails
By this we can resolve this issue buddy
Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not
Cheers @Shirish

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