Sequence executing even after Exception

Hi All,

I have 2 Sequences in my Flowchart.
The first sequence logins into a web application and runs into exception.
The assumption is it would not execute the next sequence.But the second sequence is executed even though the first sequence runs into exception.
The second sequence is just another web application in which it logins and does some updates.
How do I make the process in such a way that if one of them runs into exception it should not execute the other.
Any suggestions ?


You can but the first sequence on the try and catch
on the exception part add throw exception with - new SystemException(“the reason”) -

Apply a try catch on the flowchart and don’t apply any try catch on the sequence in catch you can put exception message

Apply a try catch in the main workflow then apply try catch into the sequence and put re- throw in exception if any issue in happing over the sequence it will come to the main exception

I tried it but it still executed the 2nd sequence