Seperate config file for paths



I came to understanding that you could somehow have seperate config file where you could put resource files.
There was one said in the Project Organization video, but i didn’t find any json-tools in my uipath studio. Is there some way to get the resources from the file?
And is there option to save specified automation log files to different path?


Yes, as per the video, you are able to store project settings. You should be able to see the Deserialize JSON and other activities without installing any additional packages.

Simply search for JSON in the activities pane

I am not sure if you can change the log output location but what you could do is simply copy the file elsewhere at the end of your process (not a perfect solution admittedly).

@aksh1yadav @andrzej.kniola will know better than me.


You can - edit the NLog.config in UiPath installation folder.
Aside of changing paths, you can add your own additional loggers that will write somewhere else as well.

Good starting point for NLog:


Change log file path

Still cannot find Json in activities panel.
and there isn’t anything related to json in the packages.


How to make additional loggers? Excecution log is long and it is really unpractical to find where the program really crashed or what was the error if there was some not so familiar with UiPath.


Have you checked the link I provided? Everything is explained there - use it with NLog.config in your UiPath installation folder.