Sent gmail image

How do I attach the take screenshot output to the mail?

Check these solutions after you took the screenshot and you saved the image somewhere.

I don’t understand
Can you explain

Hi Yurdanur,

I prepared a little sequence for you. You can send the screenshot by giving the path by pressing Attach Files in the Send Outlook Mail Message or Send SMTP Mail Messages activity.

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You should give the path to the screenshot, not the folder path.

Can you try to give the path of the screenshot file with png extension instead of the folder path?


Klasör yolu değil de ekran görüntüsünün yolunu vermelisin.

Klasör yolu yerine png uzantılı ekran görüntüsü dosyasının yolunu vermeyi deneyebilir misin?

Make sure you close Studio.
Double-check if you extracted the project from the zip/rar folder as I see it is set to be read-only.
Then reopen the project in Studio from the extracted folder.

If this is not helping, check which attended license is having your robot user. As some of them are only for testing, not for editing.

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