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I need to send the screen shot I have taken in a mail body. I don’t want to save that screen shot in my machine and send again I need to send it directly how can I do this.

Thank you

Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. You would have used TAKE SCREENSHOT activity to take the screenshot and save that as a image object named img_input

  2. Now use a SAVE IMAGE activity where pass that image object as input and mention the filepath where you want to save in local drive

Mention the filepath with Filename you want and with fileextension as .png

  1. Now in your send mail activity pass this filepath of image file as input in Attachment property so that it will be sent along the mail

  2. If you want to delete that file from ur local drive use a DELETE FILE activity and pass the file path as input

Cheers @sanjay_gowda

I’ll try it

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Saving the image in my local and deleting is fine if I send the script to other person the local path will change so how can I give that path as a standard one which should work on every system

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lets assume you have taken the screenshot e.g. with the take screenshot activity - myImage
we can use from the myImage variable the Base64 property

and will use the Base64 for sending the screenshot as embeded image

so we can avoid the local saving

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Hey @sanjay_gowda

Convert the image object you have to base 64 and use it directly in the mail body as string src for image tags.


yeah have it in a shared drive, if possible
so that any machine u use will have that shared drive mapped


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