SendMail SecureConnection Properties

Hello, I am using the SendMail activity in Studio. Does anyone know what the definitions are for the options in the SecureConnection property? The options are None, Auto, SSLOnConnect, StartTls, and StartTlsWhenAvailable.

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Hello @travis.bass ,

Hope this helps:

  • None: means it doesn’t provide a connection using a security certificate. The mail client will try to connect via SMTP on port 25.
  • Auto: will try to use the defined method provided by the mail client, it may fail with some providers.
  • SSLOnConnect: Will try SSL(Secure Socket Layer) on port 465.
  • StarTLS: Will try TLS (Transport Layer Security) on port 587 This is the preferred method on most modern providers.
  • StarTLSWhenAvailable: means exactly that, will attempt TLS on port 587 if is available, if not will default to 25.

Your email’s provider documentation should provide the configuration guide, some providers will only provide the port numbers.

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Hello @Edwin_Barahona, thank you so much for the help. Exactly what I was looking for.

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