Sending same file to everyone

I have all email in my excel file and I just want to send the same file to everyone. So how can I pick every mail and send them same file?

you can use nested loop

i have tried that but it’s not working

Hello, Can you please elaborate more, like what mail server are you using?

I would suggest you to concatenate them all on the BCC line,

why BCC because will keep the other’s email addresses confidential…

1 You need to use a read range activity,
2 Fill all necesary fields
3 Use a for each activity (this is not for sending emails but to retrieve all the email addresses) this one is up to you to store in a variable by concatenating all the emails.
4 Use your prefered or most suitable mail activity.
5 Fill all the fields for sending emails, Here you can find information @aksh1yadav kindly gathered.

this is how it should look:


its not working bro

@Rohitchauhan Thank you so much for bring this to our attention, however, a “is not working bro” (as much as it sounds cool) does not bring to much information to help us to determine why and what might be missing, in order for this forum to be as accurate as possible and to maintain a good quality in every post, please add as much details as you can.

If possible please upload the workflow file, and the error message thrown, the steps to reproduce, what you have done to get it done. :sunglasses:

Kind regards.

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