Copy to another sheet & send email using excel

hello, i have a problem regarding to send the emails based on the content to people who is assign the task. For example, this person is assign in buying flower, another person assign in another thing. Then, automatically, the system will send the email to the end user. I tried to simulate, but it only copy to another new spreadsheet with no content. Below is my workflow. Thank you in advanceworkflow.xaml (34.8 KB)

Can you clarify what specific error you are facing? If you need to send emails to various people based on the subject or body of the message that should be easy enough using the Outlook activities.

The error is, it is not send to the specific people. It only send all email to the user. When I tried one by one, it doesnt have an error. When try to implement. It got an error. So, I try to check with others if they can check what the false thing I did.

This is the workflow: Firstly, there is an excel contains read/unread messages. Next, the uipath will filter based on the content email got using a keyword/anything related to the content of mail. Next, it will send to people who is already assign to the task. (This part i got problem bcs it send to the all user)

Like i understood, u only have the problem when try to send all emails, no when u try it one by one, right?

yes, and when this problem comes out, i tried to split the body (column)

the actual project is a bit complicated bcs right now, I’m doing it phase by phase.

it is actually related problem to the split words. bcs, if there is no message from a sheet, the email is empty. so right now, I am trying to split column in excel.

If it is working one by one you’ll need to put your activities in a for each loop.

So your end result will look something like:

  • For each loop
    – counter = 0
    – activities
    – counter + 1

the reason we use a counter is to iterate through the rows where you’re getting your information from.

e.g. testDT.Rows(counter).Items(1).ToString

counter will go up by 1 starting at 0. the Items(1) your column reference.

Sequence.xaml (6.2 KB) testexcel.xlsx (7.5 KB)