Job status

how to analysis jobs’ status like Running,Successful,Faulted,Stopping ,Terminating,Stopped,and get their numbers by logs in orchestrator

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Could you tell me how to connect jobs’ info to Elastisearch?

@Dominic hi Arul, please help Chen.

@rkelchuri and @chen, sorry that I don’t have core knowledge as I am less exposed to it. Waiting for the masters to peep,

In the mean time these links might help you,

  1. Orchestrator -> Elastic Search
  2. UiPath Orchestrator Logging to ElasticSearch

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Thanks @Dominic for quick response.
@qateam Could you please show some light on the same…
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In studi&robot 2018.1.2 you have some new Orchestrator activities, one is Get jobs. Try it.

Thank you for your help,
but i still can’t connect jobs’s info to Elasticsearch,Is there any config i missed?

ah, you need this information from Elasticsearch?

yeah,i need to analysis jobs’ status and make a dashboard by kibana

Elasticsearch is not my strongest area of expertise, i ll need to ask around.

Thank you very much and look forward to your reply

@chen are you getting any logs at all in kibana at the moment?

only following fields

I cant seem to see the image, but if you have successfully got the logs into Kibana then you have two more steps to visualisation, one would be to add more log fields into your automation, this will make the logs themselves more than just string messages, they can contain other useful data and will give you more to work with in Kibana. The log fields can be added and removed in studio using the appropriate activities changing the fields at any time during the automation. Then once you have good data feeding into Kibana, you need to create visualisations to display it in a meaningful way. The visualisations you can create in Kibana are extensive and I would recommend looking at the info they provide for this:
User Guide

IS there something with Web.config

Does it mean any field exist in log? including jobs’ status like “State”:“Successful”,

@Florent_Salendres do you think you can help with this?

You get get those in kibana, but you will need to log them in the automation itself (UiPath Studio), then those logs will feed into Kibana in real time when the automation is running

Hi Chen,

Keep in mind that elastic search as it is integrated by UiPath currently only targets logs (not jobs nor transactions…)

It is not advised to change anything regarding the log from the webconfig side without good experience and understanding on the implication.

You could achieve it using add log fields but i guess this is not exactly want you what.
Afterward this field should now be appearing in ES & Kibana.

Another way you could monitor that would be by inserting data that you get from the Orchestrator API or the SQL database (where you can get the jobs) into elastic search but I do no have any accurate and specific recommendation on how to do this.

I would say that it would make it easier to generate you report outside of elastic, however this still remain possible.