Sending Image in Mail Body - About Privacy


We have a robot which is sending mails to our employees about their birthdays. Tried both “send outlook mail” and “smtp”. I sent image before in mail body with html code. Copied that workflow for this project, but something is blocking the image. Check below;

These are the options for this warning;


Is there any possible quick answer for this? Just one solution comes to my mind. We will tell every employee should add robot’s mail to safe senders list.


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Any advices?

Hey there,
As far as I know there is no way to bypass, unless as you said, you ask everyone to change their settings.
You can check this link as well:

If you don’t want to send a plain text birthday mail you can take a look into HTML and CSS and how that can be used to enhance the email visually.

Hope this helps,

Good point Andrei! I will try with html/css. Thanks for your idea!