Sending Image in http request activity

I’m trying to extract all images from attachements in outlook message and then use a http request to connect to Azure cognetive service, but for some reasson I can’t sent the image, when I try to add it as an attachement, no mather how I call it, I always get a notifaction that the parameter already exsists, in the body you can only use strings and when I add it as an parameter I get an error I’m using the wrong mediatype. I tried using multipart, json and octect stream, none of them work, anyone know how to do this?


Perhaps you should use Microsoft Vision Activities package if possible. It’s easier than HTTP request activity.

I have used MS Vision API via HTTP request activity. The following post might help you.


The problem with thoose activities, I used the microsoft azure computer vision before, is that the don’t return json but an ienumerable with key value pairs, I need to save the json for further processing after the request

But still thanks, in the post you shared I saw that the guy who posted the solution didn’t include a content-type, removing that from the header I was able to make it work

So now I’m havin an other problem on the same topic, for some of the images the api wasn’t giving back the needed information, so I need to use the on that recognizes handwritten text, it should be a simple as changing the endpoint, but it gives me an error: Bad argument, Unsuported mediatype. Anyoneknows why?