How to use Microsoft Computer vision API in Uipath


How can I use Microsoft computer vision API in Uipath?

Want to know the correct syntax of calling the API.

I have tried using it like this inside Microsoft cloud ocr activity “ =true&Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key=<API key>”

But the above is not working.

can anyone hare an example.




You need to set your API key not in GET argument but in HTTP header.

Please see the following.



@Yoichi Yoichi san,

Thank you for your suggestion, I have tried it on microsoft website it worked but my question is how can I use it Inside Uipath like in picture below.




I use HTTP Request activity to call MS Vision API and it works well.
I’ll try MS cloud OCR activity later.



Yoichi San,

Can you share example of HTTP Request?




I’ll share example for HTTP Request for MS Vision API as follows:

We should set Mime-type as Application/octet-stream and send raw binary data of the image in HTTP body, but I send the image data as attachment because it seems difficult to set raw binary data in HTTP body in UiPath. Fortunately, it works at this time.

I’ll also share example for MS cloud OCR Activity as follows:

It worked with my small test image.



@Yoichi san

Thanks I will try it !

Best Regards