Sending image in email body using Send outlook Mail

Hello Folks,
I want to send one local image by embedding it in email body (Inline Image).
When i try to send it from local machine to me then its visible.
When i send to some other email id (different user in same network also) only placeholder is coming instead of that image.
Can somebody help me out with this?

Try this


Hi @vvaidya,
Can we try this using outlook mail activity?

yes, worked for me

What is use of content id in Image. What we have to put there

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Could you please let me know what is the use of Content ID .

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I tried using your code ,getting the below error :

Attachment is ambiguous imported from namespaces or Types .

Hey Pavithra,

Did u find any resolution for this particular error,
I’m facing the same issue, can you please help me out here?