Sending a SMTP message using SendGrid

Hi all!

I am working on a bot that runs on a VM, and I have run into a problem: I need to send an email with the results of a macro, however, there is no way to log into my outlook account on the VM due to 2-factor authentication. I am trying to use the SendGrid SMTP function, but the “Send SMTP Mail Message” activity just times out and does not send the email.

Any help on how to solve this problem would be appreciated!


I think your “Server” address in SMTP Properties is not working on VM and it makes it timeout.


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Have you provided SMTP Port number, server address and credentials properly ?

Once check with your IT team also everything is ok or not. Then give it a try.

Company policy apparently prohibits any sort of SMTP or emails from VMs, so I’ll have to find another way to notify user of the report being completed. Any ideas?
Thanks all for your suggestions.

This won’t allow the robot to access the application. You need to configure outlook in VM as well to run the bot successfully


I am facing issue with sendgrid server when tried to send mail through SMTP.
Send SMTP Mail Message: The SMTP server has unexpectedly disconnected.
Changed ports settings , but no use. Please help me to solve issue.

We have some steps to follow here to send the mail using sendgrid using SMTP. Check those

Please let me know if you want additional info on this

What are the steps to be followed? Please share me if you have any documents or xaml.

Check this