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I want to send an status email where I want to capture the Transaction Item, Business or System Exceptions as well as Success . How can I achieve in one single email where it can capture all the Status for each Transaction Item.

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Check the below image

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I am not using any Queue and also I want to send as a single email where it captures in Tabular format all the details in the email body.

You can import all the transaction items to set the transaction status and assign the status in each
sequence ie, success, system exception and business exception,
and then make a new sequence
Write all the required details to excel and then send excel in outlook mail or configure smtp and send it through gmail

I have created a basic requirement as you said, please refer below xaml
SetTransactionStatus.xaml (51.4 KB)
And the below is the screenshot of output

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Thanks Vikas but If we want to write in Email body something like this .

. Also It should capture the Exception message along with details.

Do you want to send mail each time the transaction item is processed
or do u want it to send only once at the last after all the transaction item is exhausted/processed?


I want to send only once at last after all the transaction item is exhausted /processed


Add all the contents to the datatable…Then you can delete the excel application scope in the given xaml, and send that datatable to end process state
In end process state send that datatable as a mail


do you have a xaml example for the same condition where we want the status in email body


To send datatable in mail and to keep its formatting , you have to convert the datatable to html format
You can ether write a workflow for that or there are lots of such activitioes which are already built for us and are available for free
You can find such activities in UiPath Marketplace

Below is the activity component link to convert Datatable to Html

Note: The above component works for Windows legacy only


After adding all contents to data table in Set Transaction Status then pass that data table variable to End Process State then take Create HTML Content activity in that pass the data table variable and add description of mail then create a output variable of HTML Content and pass it to Send Outlook Mail Message activity Body and Check the property Is Body HTML .

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The below is the example workflow which converts data table to HTML body
DataTableToHtmlText.xaml (15.0 KB)

Hope it helps you

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After each transaction either in set transaction status or in try catch exceptions of process transactions add data row to a datatable …and store them…

And in end process use create html contetn and send the datatable as input and use the output if create html content in the send email and as mentioned all of this to be present in end process state



Getting this error.Even though declared the Data Table

Have you added the row as per the parameters of Build Datatable,The error popping up might be because of datatypes while adding to Datatable might be different

Can you just check that once

It should be in the order of string, int32, string as per your data table columns datatype


Check there was an Int32 as data type for bot status. Is the bot status being extracted in numbers then its fine if the bot status is being extracted as text or else text+number then please change the bot status variable type to string in build data table activity.

hope it works!!


I changed still it gave error. Actually when I have put message box in_TransactionItem(0).ToString

its showing Null values even though its processing Transaction Number 1


Here I have included my add data row activity.

Hey @marina.dutta ,
Did you import the transaction item argument to transaction status workflow, because sometimes while importing it will be in its default Value i.e. “Nothing”…Try reassigning it


As per your screenshot your transactionitem
Looks null…did you happen to pass it properly?