Send SMTP mail with attachment include Zip file and Excel file

Hi all, i want to send smtp mail include the attachment with include Zip file and Excel file. How can i do it? Please help me solve this problem, thank for advance.

Hi @TanVuong

Use Send SMTP Mail Message activity, and click Attach Files to add attachment paths of your Zip file and Excel file one by one.

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thank for reply @wusiyangjia, i’m try success with the excel file but zip file is not.

Hi @TanVuong

Another way is to create a MailMessage object which is used to forward in Send SMTP Mail Message activity.
Add attachment files one by one through following method.
mailMessage = New MailMessage()
mailMessage.Attachments.Add(New Attachment(filePath))

thank for support, i use the outlook instead for SMTP mail however it’s can not send when my ZIP file is so big.

Hi @TanVuong

I recommend that you use like following method break down your big ZIP file into several files then you can send them with more than one mail.

7z a -tzip -v1m

I want send all in one mail, with outlook mail, i need login in server machine to use send mail outlook. And with STMP mail, i need only create Asset mail in Orchestrator and get from that. So i’m expected use SMTP mail for my Process than Outlook mail !!!

Can you explain more, how i implement that

Can you describe more details about how to use this method?