Send excel with mail

How do I send a whole excel sheet attached with an email using Outlook ?

Hi @mattias,

Please try this:


Hi @acaciomelo,

Thank you very much, it worked perfect :smiley:

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How do you send multiple files to different emails based on excel feeder data sheet.

Hi @meada,

In this case you are going need to create a Mail Message object and include the amount of attachments as needed.

Please try following the example below:

Once this object is fulfilled with your attachments, just include it into the Send Mail activity.

I get this error when i try to send an excel file through SMTP MAIL

Send SMTP Mail Message : The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.

One additional question. I try to send an outlook mail with attachment. this attachment depend on the subject of the eMail.
the full scenario

  1. receive a mail with a standard excel template. this include the one field the subject for the mail. e,g,test1 or test2.
  2. create a mail in outlook and send back to sender with the subject e.g. test1 and the attachment excel 1

If in the mail is subject test2 the attachment 2

who can help

thx in advance