Send Outlook mail to the name in excel


I have an excel which contains name of people , Now I want my BOT to pick the name from Excel and send outlook mail to them .

I have full name available as Jacobs,Mark . Now I want this person named Mark to get the email from my account . Mark has the email domain same as mine so the mail should go to

Any solutions ?

Note : Its not always that will give the complete address it can in some cases be , I need to search the name in directory fetch their email id and send them the email .


After entering name, send hot key ‘Ctrl+K’.

Can you send the example code . The send outlook email activity asks for To , what should i put in To ?


Sorry, by using send outlook mail activity we can’t send hot key.

Here, we have to convert name to email then it will work but one problem is as you said sometimes also there in that case it will fail I think.

Better option would be pick email adders from excel. because with same name you will get multiple email address and it can pick up first one. but are you sure that is the correct email that you need to send ?
So better to maintain excel sheet with email address.


Yes, if the excel has all employees email address then we can easily read and do. But he said it contains only names of the employees.