Send outlook email to users in excel file

Hi, I need help urgently on how to send an outlook email to the list of email addresses in attached excel file. The email addresses in excel file changes every week. emailaddress.xlsx (8.0 KB). How can I string all the email addresses in excel file (which changes every week) and place them in the “To:” field in the “Send Outlook Email Message” ? I probably need to use the Assign variable activity but what should be the string expression to be placed after Assign emails=

Am grateful for any help rendered!

Hi @Bee1

Since the list you have in the excel change over the time, I recommend to use a read range activity to read the email addresses into a datatable first.

Then, use a for each row activity to loop through the email addresses you have in your data table. Within the loop, place your send email activity. And for the TO property of your send mail activity place the code as follows


If you dont have a column name in excel use the column index. Index usually starts from zero. Assuming your email address is in the first column of the excel, the expression in To property should be as follows


Hope it helps…


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

I have a similar scenario, but in my use case I need to read emails with attachments from a list of authorized email addresses that are in an excel sheet.

Thanks in advance

when i am sending outlook mail which in excel then this error is come then what i do

Try Sample.tostring

again i got same error after Sample.ToString

What is the datatype of Sample?