Send Outlook Mail Message - Body is empty in received mail

Hello, after updating UiPath.Mail.Activities from 1.10.5 to latest. The body of a send mail is not showing anymore with this setup:

“Cant post image of the received mail since im a new user and limited to one embedded picture.”

I tried downgrading to every update after 1.10.5, but still not working.
If I downgrade to 1.10.5, it work as usual.
If i dont use a .Net.Mail.Mailmessage variable and hardcore subject and body instead, it work on every update.

Any ideas ?

@Hawkman After updating the package version can you check whether any other field is getting blank.

I think with the new version you may have to do some changes in the configuration.

Only the body is blank. The subject and attachment are added through the “Forward mailmessage variable”

An alternate solution is removing the variable from the Forward parameter, and add them in the Email parameter, and then add the attachment in the collection parameter.
Still weird the original solution work in package version 1.10.5 but not later versions.

@Hawkman You are right. Need to create the collection for the attachements and move the message to the Email body.

If don’t want to proceed with changes better to continue with the existing package.

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