Send Outlook Email and Send Exchange email activity, sending emails with no subject and body


I have been trying to send a mail using outlook send email activity, although my body and subject has some string value, when the mail gets sent, the subject and the body in the received mail is empty. I checked it by debugging the workflow to confirm if the value was getting empty at any point of time, but no. The value for subject and body is still there when the “send outlook email” activity is run, although after the mail gets sent, the received email will not have the value, rather it will show as empty body and “no subject”.

Same issue happens with “Send exchange email” activity


Can you try hard code value in to the activities and try?

Also which Mails package version are you using?


@clinton I guess those are the argument values which are being passed, so can you check if there are any variables with the same name as that of the arguments, if present, remove that and check again.

Tried with harcoded values as well, the subject and the body still comes as empty.


Can you share the screen of the mail as well the properties of the activities?


I checked, There are no variables with the same name as the arguments. even tried with hard coded values the body and subject seems to be coming as empty each time

here you can see the mail with no subject and body

here you can see the properties of the send exchange email activity


Can you check the Sent items in mailbox through web / app directly?

until unless, there was some settings set by organization it will not block the content

If you still not find any, then you need to check with the infra team of your organization

Hope this helps


I am using Uipath.Mail.Activities 1.9.0 preview version


You can check with your Infra team, may be they can help, because the package you are installed is working fine, no issues

Let me know if you found any

Thank you