Send Outlook Mail from PiP - "file .ost cannot be opened"


while sending Outlook mail like this:

everything works fine when running direct from Assistant.
But when I run the workflow from PiP, it errors with:


Can someone give me advice how to avoid it?

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below link shows the resolution of the exact same issue:

Outlook ISO Issue in UiPath PiP mode

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Hi @VanjaV , In the current version , you cannot open outlook file when running in PIP mode. But I believe that this will be eventually fixed in future releases.

In our case we got around this situation by using our corporate SMTP service to send emails when running in PIP mode.

Also as @rahulsharma pointed out in my other response, if you cannot open a program in PIP by conventional means, use the Win+r button to run that program.

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Thank you @AndyMenon and @rahulsharma

I have tried with SMTP but it errors:
Send SMTP Mail Message: Timed out while waiting for Mail Service to connect…

How can I send outlook mail with Win+R from UiPath PiP?

Thank you.
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Hi @VanjaV ,

You may have to ask your IT department about the timeout issue.

For SMTP servers, the From Email address may be pre-defined. In our case, we cannot use our Outlook email as the From address for this reason.

Also check if you have access to the SMTP server. Having the network team whitelist your machine will permit you to send the SMTP email out from your machine.

Win+r run command is to open a program. If you try to open outlook this way in the PIP window, you’ll most likely encounter the same error for outlook as you did before.

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@VanjaV Send Outlook Mail Message and the StudioX mail activities that work inside Use Desktop Outlook App scope activity should work in PiP, starting with Studio 21.10.

But what you are doing in addition is using UI Automation to click some buttons in Outlook application. This cannot work because you cannot start the Outlook application in PiP session when it is already running in the Main session (you can try starting Outlook app manually in PiP session and you will observe it fails with the same message that *.ost cannot be opened.)



if Outlook is closed in Main Window, Send Outlook Mail Message Activity WORKS in PiP!

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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