Send NULL to SQL

Hey guys I’m trying to find out how to send NULL to SQL, not a blank value but an actual NULL value; in this case to a date field. Here’s what I’m trying in my Non Query field:
‘… [My_Date] is NULL …’ which doesn’t work.

I haven’t seen any topics where people have found a solution for this yet

We shall see :slight_smile:


@cssc I think we have ourselves a solution!
Try using the Execute Query activity instead of the Execute Non Query Activity
Edit- NVM :frowning: you are sending nulls - will re-attempt

Edit2- I was able to update rows where a null value was found in the [Preference] field - heres my query

“UPDATE [Forum-cssc].[dbo].[FoodPreferences]
SET [Preference] = ‘Unknown’
WHERE [Preference] is null;”



Locals Panel in Debug

Nevermind I found a simpler answer [My_Date] = NULL - basically just don’t use any quotes or anything like that and treat it like a normal update statement.

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glad you got this in the bag!

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