Send mail with error System exception (ReFramework)

Hello everyone, I am using the reFramework and I want every time a system exception happens and the bot “dies” an email is sent informing about the error, how can I do this?

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If your process have multiple transactions, and everytime you want to send the mail then

  1. Put the Send Mail in in Catch of Process Block
  2. Or, you can put the send mail in Set transaction progress workflow, BOT checks for Retry, there it also checks the System,Exception. Then put the mail there.

If your process has one transaction sort of, then set the Variable to get the exception message in Catch block of INIT, GET transaction, PROCESS block, . and use that variable in END Block with in your send mail.

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In Process Transaction->Invoke Process Workflow->Go to Finally and you able to see again Try Catch->In Try->Check Invoke Set Transaction Status->Open Workflow->Go to SystemException->You can place your Send Outlook Message / Send SMTP message activity

This will send emails once there is any expection happened

Hope this helps you


@Srini84 @sachinbhardwaj Thank you very much, enter the Transaction status → System Exception and within the TakeScreenshot sequence enter the send mail activity, making this image also loaded in the mail and passing the System exception as an argument so that in the body it is described that news happened, again thank you very much to all


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