Send Email if receive 2 same attachment Name

Hi All,

I use IMAP and save Attachment activity to process Email. But For those email that has 2 attachments with same name(Excel 1 & Excel 1), the activity can only save one of them.

So Im wondering can I check the path which is the output of Save Attachment and if there are same path exist then send an email.

So my question is how can I check if there are same path after following capture? Many thx

Store the attachment names you have saved in a list. When you process the next attachment, check if you have already downloaded a file with same name.

Another option is to save the file with time stamp appended. This will ensure that each file has a unique name.

thx for your answering. But could you pls let me know in details

Hi @mason_wong

Check outDownloadAttachment.xaml (11.2 KB)

Before downloading attachments it will check whether the attachments have the same file names.
If yes it will reply to the email, if not then it will download those attachments.

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