Send email by using MS graph API and getting message format issue


I am trying use MS graph API to send email from UiPath environment by using HTTP requests and getting issue related to message body format/type. Please guide me if anyone similar kind of issues/suggestions. (attached screenshots)

FYI- I am able to read the email by using MS graph API .



Change the body format to application/json and check @Kartheesan,

May be the response will be the JSON format :slight_smile:

yes, Thanks hareesh, I have already tried with “application/json” body format and no luck for me(Same error message).

message variable/parameter : “{”“subject”": ““Meet for lunch?””, ““body””: { ““contentType””: ““Text””, ““content””: ““The new cafeteria is open.”” }"


Are you able to get the response in POST man @Kartheesan?

Please try in postman and check whether it is giving the correct response…

and try body as


Thank you Hareesh, I have tried this body format application/json;odata=verbose and got same error message.