Selectors - UiPath Academy

UI Path Academy training Selectors section. Under the UI Explorer segment, the second video has you use Wait Attribute, then use the dropdown menu to select innerText (which is innertext in a previous section so I wonder if that is the error) and then enter “Round 1” in ther next field and use the variable button as Element under the input section.

When I run it and then click the “Start” button on the open web page, I get the error:

Wait Attribute: The UiElement is no longer valid

Hi @DougBeck - the “no longer valid” error most of the times means that the UiElement you are trying to interact with is not loaded correctly or as discussed here it might also be a problem with the auto refresh of the page.
Can you post the selector and is this part of the reboot your skills program?


It is part of the UiPath Academy. I thought that was what the reboot your skills program was, but when I signed on to this it appears it is StudioX for the reboot in stead of studio. I’ve already spent weeks on Studio and was told I have until end of month to complete my training by my management. I believe I would be done already if the videos had sufficient time to keep up with them (maybe some explanation of why you are doing something while giving the user a chance to catch up) and if the programs worked as stated in the videos.

I’ve also tried this to see if innertext was required.